Gatsby Party

Gatsby Party

Gatsby Theme Party

Gatsby Theme Party


Step Back in Time with Bella Entertainment’s Enchanting Gatsby-Themed Parties

Immerse yourself in the captivating era of the Roaring Twenties and let Bella Entertainment transform your next event into an unforgettable spectacle inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. Our expert team of event planners and designers will meticulously recreate the glamour and extravagance of Jay Gatsby’s lavish parties, transporting you to a world of opulence, jazz, and timeless elegance.

A Night of Unrivaled Extravagance

Prepare to be captivated by the transformative power of Bella Entertainment’s Gatsby-themed parties. Our signature décor will transport your venue into a dazzling spectacle, featuring cascading drapes of rich velvet and shimmering gold, adorned with an abundance of sparkling crystals and ostrich feather plumes. The ambiance will be further enhanced by the soft glow of vintage chandeliers and the rhythmic beats of a live jazz ensemble, setting the stage for an evening of unparalleled sophistication.

Dress to Impress in Roaring Twenties Style

Encourage your guests to embrace the spirit of the era by donning their most glamorous attire. Ladies can channel the iconic flapper style with flowing sequined dresses, feathered headbands, and pearls galore. Gentlemen can emulate the dapper attire of Gatsby’s era with tailored suits, fedoras, and polished oxfords.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

Complement the lavish décor with a menu featuring an exquisite array of culinary delights. Our expert catering team will prepare a selection of delectable appetizers, mouthwatering main courses, and decadent desserts that will tantalize the taste buds and leave your guests wanting more.

Entertainment that Captivates

As the night unfolds, Bella Entertainment will mesmerize your guests with a captivating line-up of entertainment. A live jazz band will fill the air with the melodies of the era, while professional dancers will perform choreographed routines that epitomize the grace and exuberance of the Roaring Twenties.

A Photo Booth to Capture Timeless Memories

Create a lasting memento of your Gatsby-themed event with our vintage photo booth. Guests can strike a pose and capture their glamorous looks against a backdrop of classic props and backdrops.

Bella Entertainment: Your Gateway to Gatsby-Themed Excellence

At Bella Entertainment, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences that transport guests to another time and place. Our expertise in event planning, décor design, catering, and entertainment will ensure that your Gatsby-themed party is nothing short of extraordinary. 


Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your next event into a night of unparalleled glamour and sophistication.